You have a fresh idea fun hobby business
Make it an extra juicy brand that sells!

Pulpify Your Brand and get all that Ooey Gooey Goodness your business needs for success. This brand your business blueprint is a one-of-a-kind, step by step process made specifically for creators like you.

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Give your business the fresh squeezed branding it needs!

Amazing creators just like you are turning their passions into reality and taking the leap to design the life they’ve been dreaming about. And you can do it too.

The Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint will guide you step-by-step how to brand your business without having to spend $1000’s of dollars, or countless hours trying to figure it out. 

You can start on the Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint today and begin turning your fresh idea into an Ooey Gooey, Extra Juicy Brand that actually produces results!

Explore the Blueprint

Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint has over 25 lessons, click on any of the samples below and hear a little of the audio recording.

Who is this blueprint for?

If you’ve already started your business and you know your brand needs a fresh squeezed perspective, or you’re ready to get started, and you want to up your brand game, then this Blueprint is for you! 

The be your own boss movement is booming and is made up of millions of different creators from diverse backgrounds – designers, developers, educators, content creators, and more.

What these business owners all have in common is the passion and drive to design a life doing what they love, maybe working from home, or building an empire, selling amazing products, or changing people’s lives. You’re here because you have a business idea and you’re ready to squeeze everything you can out of it. 

How will the Blueprint help?

As entrepreneurs, makers, coaches, real estate agents, clothing designers, writers… we’re all pretty great at what we do, right? But taking our craft and turning it into a brand that competes and makes money is a skill and takes strategy.

That’s what Pulpify is all about: helping you squeeze the best out of your craft and turning it into a brand that your buyers are excited about! That includes highlighting your personality, understanding your audience and knowing the best tools to use.

The audio and worksheets help you design an extra juicy brand that is ripe and ready to go!


Personal Trainers


Real Estate Investor


Event Planners

Business Coaches

Animal Caretakers

Flower Farmers


Hair Stylists


Social Managers

Yoga Instructors


Wellness Experts


House Organizers

Make up Artists

Jewelry Makers

What To Expect

Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint is not your typical find a cute logo and cross your fingers and hope your brand works kinda thing. No way. Instead, the entire experience has been designed around you, giving you engaging audio, useful resources and  focused worksheets to grow your fresh idea into a brand that makes sense, makes money and makes that extra juicy life you’ve been dreaming of!

Pulpify Your Brand worksheets

Over 50 step by step blueprint worksheets to help you design an extra juicy brand that makes sense & makes sales.

Easily editable style guide template

A style guide template & step by step process to easily fill in & develop your brands visual reference for consistency across all channels

The tools and resources to develop your brand logo & guidelines (2)

Defined brand values, mission statement

A clear understanding of who you are & what your brand stands for

An authentic brand personality

An authentic brand personality to bring more benefits to your customers, gain their loyalty, make more sales & Pulpify Your Life

A solid understanding of your competitors

Identify your competitors & learn how to find your unique proposition, brand it & then become the obvious choice to your audience

A solid understanding of your audience

Know exactly who your brand serves and how to communicate better with them through your branding, to make more sales and Pulpify Your Life

The tools & resources to develop your style

The tools and resources to develop your Brand Canvas; logo, logo marks, fonts, color palette, imagery and patterns

Bonus content to define your juicy life

Clarity on how to brand your business so that it provides you with the extra juicy life you’ve been dreaming of

Meet Erin

It was over 20 years ago that I began my quest to work for myself and I took the leap with only $300 to my name. Yes, you read that correct, 3-0-0 and make no mistake, it was not easy and probably not the smartest idea but, it was totally worth it. 

I know now there was a reason I always took the longer road less traveled- it’s because I had to learn everything by going through it all myself so I would be able to help you do what I do but, in a much more efficient way.

Over the years I’ve helped countless companies brand and build their business. I’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t all while figuring out how to create an extra juicy life I love.

I recently spent 13 months exploring the country with my dog NEO, working for myself and working remote, So many people I met would ask how I do it and how they could do it too. That’s when I decided to create Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint.

I Love being my own boss, I Love working when and where I want, I absolutely Love branding and more than anything I Love building this Pulpify Your Brand Community, where all of us like minded creators can lift each other up, encourage each other and support our wildest dreams!

You’re not just designing a new brand, you’re designing a new life! I’m here for you and I’m so excited to see what you create.

Erin knows branding and you can tell she is passionate about helping others reach their branding goals.
Kelly C.
I had so much fun with this Blueprint! Erin's audio, the slideshows and worksheets were easy to follow and really helped me understand branding.
Glenda G.
Spa Owner
I tried other courses but they always left me feeling incomplete. Pulpify Blueprint had me ask the right questions and that made all the difference.
Chelsea L.
Business Coach

Ready to Pulpify Your Brand?

I created the Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint to provide an affordable and interactive learning experience that helps creators like you and me design our brand, and our business, in a way that makes sense for the life we want to live. Good branding provides more sales and more sales provides you with more possibilities. When you Pulpify Your Brand, you Pulpify Your Life! Erin xx

Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint


Download the Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint and begin designing your extra juicy brand today! (Value $1800)

A Fresh Squeezed Perspective



Get the Blueprint PLUS  a fresh squeezed perspective on your new/existing business with a 60 minute 1:1 brand session with Erin. (Value $2200)

The Extra Juicy Package


Get the Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint, PLUS a 5 week VIP Brand Your Business Intensive with Erin! (Value $5000)


Well, the fact that you’ve made it this far is a good sign! Pulpify is all about helping you realize your fresh business idea and turning that into a brand that will sell.

If setting yourself up with a successful brand foundation and finally creating the extra juicy life you’ve been dreaming of sounds good to you, begin to Pulpify Your Brand today and make that happen!

You can purchase with any major credit card and we use Stripe. All payments are secure and encrypted.

To purchase the Blueprint you will create your account, once purchased you can begin immediately! You can download your Blueprint worksheets, or follow the link and create a free account on Canva to easily edit and fill in as you go.

If you purchased the Fresh Squeezed Consultation with Erin, you will get a confirmation email with a Calendly link to schedule your time. Slots fill up fast so reserve your spot as soon as possible.

The Pulpify Your Brand Blueprint is a text, audio, and a set of worksheets broken up into 4 parts and a bonus section. The Blueprint is self-paced and you can take as long as you need to work through it. 

The Extra Juicy Package gives you Blueprint plus access to a calendar to schedule a 60 minute video chat with Erin, where you can talk shop about your branding, products, marketing, web design, Pulpifying your life or anything else that’s on your mind.

The Fresh Squeezed Perspective is great for people who:

  • might already have a business off the ground, but aren’t sure how to take their branding next level.
  • have a lot of ideas but aren’t sure if the brand is at a good place, and need a fresh pair of eyes.
  • need help choosing the right platforms and tools to bring their brand to life.
  • need an ear to talk all things business owner and get some feedback about next steps and action plans.

Heck yeah! We’re all about spreading the love. Fill out this form here and someone will get back to you with those details.

I’ll never give up branding! If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to hear more about you, your business and your goals! Contact

Your Idea

Your Idea

First thing’s first, it’s time to define exactly what you’re going to sell. Now and days the possibilities are endless and you can easily start your business for less than $500, it’s really exciting! But you gotta have an idea that makes sense or, it won’t work.

Your Mission

Your Mission

The Mission Statement is an action-oriented statement that explains why your business exists and it is something that will help guide your branding, marketing, and business decisions.

Your Logo

Your Logo

Your logo is the gatekeeper to making more money. People will either want to learn more about you and want to buy from you, or, they’ll turn away and buy from someone else.

Your Audience

Your Audience

Now it’s time to ask yourself, who is my audience? If you aren’t able to give a specific answer to this right away then you, my friends, have not yet defined your target audience and I cannot stress enough how important this is, if you want a successful brand

Your Values

Your Values

So it’s time to start asking yourself some questions. Why am I doing this? Is it to help others? Is it to work from home? Is it to do my part in saving the planet? Is it to build an empire? What do I value most when it comes to creating my product or service?

Your Niche

Your Niche

Once you’ve defined your idea and what you want to sell, you need to narrow this down to a niche market